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Officewriter *could* be licensed for inclusion in Katmai

OK, finally a chance to do some proper blogging now that my session is over and I’ve got hold of a wireless connection. The conference is going well – I can’t believe they’ve got 2600 people to come for a Microsoft BI conference! It just goes to show that the avalanche is starting.
And now, some news. Yesterday Jeff Raikes announced Microsoft was acquiring Softartisans in his keynote speech, which of course got everyone excited until they released that what he meant to say was that they haven’t bought the company just licensed the technology for possible inclusion in Katmai Reporting Services. I blogged about Softartisans’ product, Officewriter, a while ago and have actally just written a white paper for them on using their components inside SSIS to create a batch reporting solution (similar to what you can do with SSRS and data driven subscriptions) which should be available on their site any day now. Here’s the press release on it all:

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