Microsoft BI Conference Session List Published

UPDATE: How does meeting up at 6pm by the registration booth at the conference centre sound to everyone? If you can’t make it then, I’m sure we can catch up later at the party. We’ve got quite a few people joining us (apart from those below) so it should be a good evening… assuming I’m not suffering from jet lag too badly!
At last, they’ve published the session list for the BI Conference:
I’ve already registered but I was a bit worried having done so without knowing what the content was going to be like. Luckily it looks pretty good (even if my session got turned down :-(, but at least it means I won’t be stressing about it for the next few weeks), with the majority of speakers being from Microsoft – including Mosha speaking on… Integration Services!
Anyway, if you see me walking around stop me and say hello; I’ll also be hanging around on the Solid Quality stand at some point, probably Thursday afternoon. Does anyone fancy going out on the Tuesday night for a few drinks after the welcome reception? Leave a comment or drop me an email and maybe we can sort something out.

9 thoughts on “Microsoft BI Conference Session List Published

  1. Hello Chris. In order to keep the European spirit on this conference I would appreciate some talk with one of the MDX-gurus-
    Thomas Ivarsson

  2. I am very surprised that Mosha will not be doing any MDX sessions. I was so hopping for them.
    I wish I could join you guys Tuesday, but I\’ll be in just after 9:30pm.
    Vidas Matelis

  3. Great, at least we have someone local who knows where to go! It\’ll be nice to meet you both at last, Jesse and Thomas. Vidas – maybe I\’ll see you around at the conference?

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