Microcharts 1.1

I blogged about Microcharts last year, but I’ve just heard that version 1.1 has been released and one of the new features is the ability to use them in server-based reporting tools like Reporting Services, as well as in Excel. Take a look at the following two videos which showcase the products:
There’s also a good article on building a dashboard on Adventure Works in Excel 2007 that has some good examples of how to use the new AS cube spreadsheet functions like CubeMember:
I see Nick Barclay has already worked out how to use them in PerformancePoint scorecards:
Before we get all excited about Excel 2007 as a client tool, I thought I’d also point out this recent post from Marco Russo highlighting a massive drawback with using it on cubes that have time utility dimensions:
What an absolute howler, especially given that I remember Excel 2000 had the same problem and it got fixed in a later release (either XP or 2003) after a lot of complaining. Top priority for SP1 please! 

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