Announcing the Analysis Services Stored Procedure Project

Back in April, I posted an entry on Analysis Services stored procedures asking if anyone would be interested in joining me to create a few useful examples that people could download. I had a good response and now, after several months of work behind the scenes, I’m happy to announce that you can see beta 1 of the fruits of our labours here:
I won’t go into any detail about what’s in there – it’s reasonably well documented, and you can download the source code as well as the dll. Suffice to say that there are several cool functions to extend MDX and hopefully you’ll find at least one or two useful ones. If you have any feedback, suggestions, bugs to report etc then please do so on Codeplex rather than here.
Thanks are due to Jon Axon, Christian Wade, Mosha Pasumansky and especially Greg Galloway and Darren Gosbell for the effort they’ve put in to this.

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