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More on Visio 12 as an AS Client

At the end of last year I linked to a post on Nick Barclay’s blog entitled "Don’t forget about Visio for BI":
…which highlighted some of the features coming in Visio 2007 for BI. I naturally then forgot all about Visio for BI until I saw the following post on Mauro Cardarelli’s blog:
Apart from an online course on what’s new in Visio 2007 ( he also points back to Eric Rockey’s Visio 2007 blog, which is definitely checking out again, especially this post on PivotDiagrams:
There are some interesting points raised in the comments section on whether this stuff could be integrated with Reporting Services; I agree that while these capabilities are very cool, just having them in Visio is a bit of a waste. Perhaps this is a case where a Reporting Services Custom Report Item could be written (see ms-help://MS.SQLCC.v9/MS.SQLSVR.v9.en/rptsprg9/html/402910f7-7e45-4e22-8182-fb58a96bfec0.htm ) but I’m not sure you’d want to use Visio on a server in this way. For further reading, there is even more information on PivotDiagrams on Bill Morein’s blog here:


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