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Google OneBox

Google OneBox is mentioned a lot on the blogs today:
The idea of integrating your BI systems with Enterprise Search seems quite topical (see also what Cognos are up to http://www.bizintelligencepipeline.com/news/186100315) and I’m sure it would be very easy to integrate Analysis Services and Reporting Services in the same way. But I can’t help but think that this idea ranks along with English Query in the nifty-but-of-no-practical-use stakes. If you’re a consumer of BI reports or tools, are you really going to want to access them via a search interface? I think not.

2 thoughts on “Google OneBox

  1. I think not right now, but perhaps I will in the future. Microsoft is working on an enterprise search tool too and I guess it\’s going to be integrated with Sharepoint and Office, so if You use MS platform You\’ll end up using it. Have you tried desktop search tools? I can\’t live without MSN Search 🙂

  2. I agree.  I wrote something similar in my own Computerworld Blog.  I think Google is genius…for some things.  For Business Intelligence?  Maybe not so much. 

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