Blog Birthday

It’s my blog’s first birthday today! Seems like I’ve been writing it forever… Anyway, I’m quite pleased with how the first year of blogging has gone – I’ve managed to keep my resolution and posted something just about every week, and hopefully it’s been interesting and useful. I’ve learnt a lot too, made a lot of new friends and even managed to become the top-ranked "Chris Webb" on Google (for the moment)!
Next year will see a lot of changes for me professionally and with a bit of luck they will leave me more time for blogging as well as provide me with some new Microsoft-BI-related topics to blog about. As always, I welcome any kind of feedback/suggestions/tip-offs for news, either in public via comments or by email (check my profile for how to contact me).
Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “Blog Birthday

  1. Chris, keep up the good work – OLAP Newsgroup participants are still finding formal sources of info on AS 2005 (like BOL) too sketchy. So, in this time of technology transition, blogs like yours and Mosha\’s are increasingly filling the info void.Any news of your next podcast, that you can share?

  2. Hi Chris,your blog is a must-read trying to stay updated with this bunch of "fresh meat" and issues coming with SQL2005 and BI!Have I to say more than this?;-)Keep blogging and Knowledge-Sharing, please – I would be glad to read more.CheersMarkus

  3. Keep it up Chris !. I have been constantly forwarding your cool blog enteries to my colleages. We all are getting true benefit from your blog, indeed.

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