Who reads my blog?

Sorry, this is completely off-topic, but I’ve got a little tired of the poor information that MSN Spaces provide on blog visitors and I’m curious to find out who is reading. So I’m going to run a little experiment with Site Meter – just click on the link below to see some detailed stats about visits to this blog:

Site Meter

Pity there’s no way of putting this permanently on my front page that I can see.

5 thoughts on “Who reads my blog?

  1. Chris, I for one really appreciate the time and effort you put into your blog. Your blog is certainly very valuable for myself and many other people I\’m sure.Terry

  2. Hello Chris,This is a great tool for how your blog is being accessed.I have left mine open so everyone can see what people are looking at. Lately most of the referrals are from your UDM piece. BTW: I like your blog its good see what’s happening in the UK BI scene. Myles

  3. I just had a look at the statistics… My IP wasn\’t recorded correctly, the right provider but a wrong address… So the city listed isn\’t right however it\’s not far away from me…Thomas

  4. I would imagine that rss aggregators will tend to muck up the stats a bit, but it\’s still nice to get an idea. I just added one to my blog too.I never used to post comments on blogs until I started my own, now I realise how nice it is to find out that there some out there listening and you aren\’t just talking to yourself 🙂

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