Analysis Services Book List (attempt #2)

Since I can’t get my links to Amazon working in an MSN Spaces list, I thought I’d just put my book list in a regular entry and then update it as necessary.
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services: Irina Gorbach, Alexander Berger, Py Bateman, Edward Melomed
Teo Lachev has announced that ‘Applied Microsoft Analysis Services 2005’ has gone to the printers and will be available by the end of November. More details and resources can be found here.
Mosha has announced that the second edition of ‘Fast Track to MDX’ is on the verge of publication. He has more details and some comments on other books on this list here.
Nick Barclay has a review of ‘Data Mining with SQL2005’ on his blog here. I’ve also just bought a copy and will be reviewing it as soon as I’ve read it properly! First impressions are good though.
If anyone wants to send me a free copy of their book for review (cheeky idea for getting free books, I know, but it might just work!) then please drop me a line at the email address mentioned in my profile.
Thanks to Nick Barclay again for the fact that ‘The Microsoft DataWarehouse Toolkit’ book (what’s listed above as ‘Data Warehousing with SQL 2005’ – I’ll update the link when Amazon UK updates its page for the book) has its own web page with some content.
Nick Barclay has a positive review of ‘Applied Analysis Services 2005’ on his blog here. Mark Hill also reviews it favourably here.
I have a review of ‘Data Mining with Analysis Services 2005’ here.
Nick Barclay has a review of ‘MDX Solutions’ second edition here.

3 thoughts on “Analysis Services Book List (attempt #2)

  1. Hi Chris,I just wanted to give a quick plug for Spofford et al\’s MDX Solutions 2nd Edition. I work with George at Hyperion Solutions, and besides being a wonderful guy, he has a phenomenal depth in understanding both Analysis Services and Hyperion\’s Essbase. What\’s great about the book is that he provides a number of interesting comparisons between the two technologies. For example, the book shows comparisons in how the same use case is addressed slightly different in the MDX that is specific to each product. I think you\’ll enjoy it.Cheers,Nenshad Bardoliwalla

  2. Hi Chris,
    I could see the result of Currency Conversion Intelligence in OLAP browser but I don\’t know how to create calculated measure from the Currency Conversion Result and how to create report from output/result of Currency Conversion. Pls recommend. Thank you.

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