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AS2000 to AS2005 Migration White Paper

Deepak on the newsgroup pointed out the existence of the following white paper on migration from AS2000 to AS2005 by Richard Tkachuk:
(Incidentally not the same as the one that Mosha refers to here). Migration is going to be a tricky issue for a lot of people I reckon: while I’ve been impressed by how good a job the migration wizard does, given the fundamental changes that have taken place between AS2000 and AS2005 any moderately complex AS2000 cube will need a few manual tweaks to make it work properly in AS2005 – a lot of BI consultancies will be rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of this extra revenue, I’m sure. And of course even if you have migrated your cube successfully you might need to think about redesigning it, or rewriting your MDX, to take advantage of all the new features and/or performance that AS2005 offers.
All this makes me wonder about how quickly people will migrate their cubes. I had an interesting conversation with Nigel Pendse (of OLAP Report fame) a few months ago and his opinion was that the process of migration will be much slower than expected; I think I agree with him. If an AS2000 cube works fine at the moment and migration involves spending money on internal development or outside consulting, then the cube will probably be left as it is – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! After all, support for HOLOS (an older OLAP engine) stopped a few years ago but I know that there are still some HOLOS systems still in production that people are only now thinking of replacing.

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