PASS European Conference

Like several other SQL Server bloggers out there (eg Christian Wade, Marco Russo, Steve McHugh to name a few) I was at the PASS European conference in Munich the other week. It was the first PASS conference I’ve been to and I had a really good time. The standard of the presentations was very high – in-depth content rather than the high-level introductory stuff that is the norm when a product like SQL2005 is in beta – and meeting people and being able to discuss shared problems was very valuable too. The entry on Marco Russo’s blog about many-to-many dimensions is a case in point: if we hadn’t had that conversation I might not have found out that chaining m:m dimensions together was in fact going to be supported.

Unfortunately my training budget won’t stretch to a trip to the much bigger US PASS conference in September, but a look at the session schedule makes me think it will be even better than the European version. I can recommend Christian Wade’s SQL CLR presentation and the series on Project Real from Len Wyatt & team; even though he’s doing a different presentation from the one he did in Munich I’m sure Kurt Allebach will be worth seeing too.

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