Multi-Value Parameters In Power Query Online

There’s a nice new feature in Power Query Online (the version of Power Query used in Dataflows): parameters of type List. You can see this as a new option in the Type dropdown in the “Manage parameters” dialog:

Why is this interesting? In the past, Power Query parameters were always single values like a date or a string; now a parameter can contain mutliple values.

There’s one other new feature in Power Query Online that goes along with this: In and Not In filters, which can use these new List parameters.

I’m sure there are other cool things you can do with this but I’ll leave them to future blog posts.

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  1. first question (as always) is “but does it fold” and I’ll have to wait until back at work to find out. Thanks for the heads up!

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  3. That’s awesome. Having lists sounds amazing. However, does that work on Service? I think I have tried using parameters in DataFlows but I couldn’t handle them like the datasets 🙁

    • It works, but the unfortunate thing about parameters in dataflows is they cannot be updated in dataflow settings like dataset parameters can, and they cannot be updated via the REST API either. Not really sure why, but it’s a shame because it hamstrings attempts to automate deployments of dataflows – parameters must be hardcoded in the .json file

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