BI Survey 15

It’s BI Survey time again! BI Survey is the largest annual survey of BI users in the world, so if you want to share your feelings on Microsoft BI tools or whatever else you’re using then this is the opportunity to do it. As in the past, in return for promoting the survey I get access to the results when they appear later in the year, and they always make for interesting reading and a good blog post. This year I’m curious to find out what people are saying about Power BI…

Anyway, if you do want to take part (it should only take 20 minutes and you’ll also be entered in a draw for some Amazon vouchers) then here’s the link:

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  1. This is a general comment/question for the PQ expert.

    Power Query is totally awesome and has transformed how I work. One shortcoming I see is the lack of features to export Power Query tables back to .csv. If there was such a feature then Power Query would make the leap into the realm of scripting languages… it would be like knowing Perl or Python without the learning curve!

    Any ideas?

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