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BI Survey 9 – Invitation to Participate

I’ve just been told that fieldwork has begun on the BI Survey 9; if you’d like to participate you can find all the details below.

Full disclosure: by posting this here I’ve been promised a free copy of the research when it’s published – and I promise to blog the juicy details (as I have done in the past) when I get it.

The BI Survey 9: The Customer Verdict

We would very much welcome your participation in ‘The BI Survey 9: The Customer Verdict’, the world’s largest survey of business intelligence (BI) and performance management (PM) users (formerly known as The OLAP Survey).

As a participant, you will:

Receive a summary of the results from the full survey

Be entered into a draw to win one of ten $50 Amazon vouchers

Ensure that your experiences are included in the final analyses.

To take part in the survey on-line, visit:


BARC’s annual survey obtains input from a large number of organizations in order to better understand their buying decisions, the implementation cycle and the business benefits achieved.

Both business and technical users, as well as vendors and consultants, are welcome to participate. If you are answering as a consultant, please answer the questions (including the demographic questions) from your client’s perspective; we will ask you separately about your own firm.

The BI Survey has always adopted a vendor-independent stance. While vendors assist by inviting users to participate in the Survey, Business Application Research Center (BARC) – the publisher – does not accept vendor sponsorship of the Survey, and the results are analyzed and published without any vendor involvement.

You will be able to answer questions on your usage of a BI product from any vendor. Your answers will only be used anonymously, and your personal details will never be passed on to vendors or other third parties.

* BARC (Business Application Research Center) is a leading independent software industry analyst specializing in Data Management and Business Intelligence. For more information on BARC please visit The BARC website and www.BI-Verdict.com.

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