SAP to buy Business Objects

If you care about this, I’m sure you’ve already heard that SAP have agreed to buy Business Objects:
The general consensus seems to be that this is bad news for Business Objects customers and that the last few remaining independents (eg Cognos) will go the same way too. Will Microsoft be buying anyone? MS aways gets mentioned as a potential buyer in these kind of situations (see for example Mark Rittman) but I just don’t see it happening myself – it would be completely out of character. IBM on the other hand…


Today was the SQLBits conference in Reading and it went really well. We had 321 attendees, some great sessions, loads of freebies (on top of which everyone got a £30 book voucher, as well as the free evening event) and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Thanks are due to Care Parr of Microsoft for her help organising it, Tony, Simon and Martin for doing the majority of the leg work, and the sponsors. I think all the slide decks will be up on early next week and there might be some photos posted there soon too.

Hopefully the bigger event we’ve got planned for June/July next year will be equally successful…

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