SP2 Slowdown?

 Despite all the performance improvements that have gone into AS SP2, several of my customers reported worse query performance after migrating. Today I saw two new KB articles (frustratingly short on detail) that suggest that these performance problems may have been fixed:

Cognos buys Applix

Yet another acquisition, this time Cognos buying Applix… some commentaries:
As the second article notes, there’s some overlap between Temtec Executive viewer (which I know a few people are using on top of AS) and Cognos’ own products, so I hope this doesn’t mean another third-party AS client tool will disappear. Also, TM1 currently supports MDX as a query language, but who knows if continuing this support will be a priority for Cognos. What with this and the acquisition of Essbase I hope support for MDX in the wider OLAP community won’t start disappearing.
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