Oracle to buy Hyperion

As Mark Rittman says (and he should know), "no doubt what Oracle are interested in here is Hyperion’s expertize in the area of analytic financial applications, and their no doubt high-value customer base."
What does this mean for Oracle BI and for Hyperion’s toolset, especially Essbase? Given that Oracle already have their own OLAP tools, one wonders… I think this can only be a good thing for Microsoft – surely existing Essbase users will now be questioning its future and be looking for migration options, not necessarily from Oracle.
UPDATE: the news is confirmed, the price tag $3.3bn. Here are Nigel Pendse’s initial thoughts:
Interesting that he thinks that "Essbase is likely to become Oracle’s primary OLAP server".
… but the fact remains that Oracle now has two MOLAP databases, and that’s one too many in the long term. So perhaps it’s the old Express users who need to be thinking about their migration options? And perhaps the Essbase people should remember that Oracle has bought a market-leading MOLAP before, and look what happened to it – not everyone is convinced that multidimensional is best.
UPDATE #3: I’ll link, last of all, to Mark Rittman again, who shares his thoughts on what’s happened and what it means for Oracle BI:
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