Essential Sharepoint 2007

Now I know pretty much nothing about Sharepoint; just about all I do know is that since it’s playing a big role in Microsoft’s BI strategy I ought to find out more about it. Mauro Cardarelli blogs about BI from the Sharepoint point of view and has just announced that he and his co-authors have just finished a book, "Essential Sharepoint 2007":
Looks like it’s pitched at the right level for someone like me, and it has a chapter on "Providing Business Intelligence" too. I’d better put it on pre-order at Amazon. 

Crossjoin function now takes more than two parameters

Crossjoin is a function which, for obvious reasons, is dear to my heart. It’s been at least a year since I last found a feature in AS2005 MDX that I wasn’t aware of, but the other day I found out that the Crossjoin function can now take more than two sets as parameters, much in the same way that NonEmptyCrossjoin can. Here’s an example:
measures.[internet sales amount] on 0,
[Date].[Day Name].[Day Name].members,
[Date].[Day of Week].[Day of Week].members,
on 1
from [Adventure Works]
Not exactly revolutionary (and anyway I use the * operator instead nowadays) but fun to note.
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