OLAP Survey 6 Now Live

I’ve just been told that the link to supply feedback for the OLAP Survey 6 is now live:
(I think there’s a German version somewhere too, but I don’t have the link for that just now. Stay tuned).
If you don’t know what the OLAP Survey is, take a look here:
It’s from the same people that bring you the OLAP Report, and I have a very high opinion of Nigel Pendse and co. And there’s a chance to win some Amazon gift vouchers too, so what are you waiting for?
UPDATE – here’s the link to the German version:

The future of Panorama

Here’s a good article on the TWDI news site (which I’ve always found to be the best BI news site – Stephen Swoyer seems to be able to know the industry pretty well and doesn’t just regurgitate press releases) on what Panorama’s plans for the future are:
I suppose they’ve got to put a brave face on it. There are some choice quotes from Panorama here, along the lines of "We never competed with Proclarity anyway"; and as for what they’ll do to integrate the ex-Proclarity functionality into their own products, well, the mind boggles…

Microsoft, BI, Search and Advertising

A few months ago I posted the following entry on Microsoft, BI and Search:
Most of it was guesswork. However, while checking out the following SEO blog:
I did a double-take at the following entry:
Now, surely that is the infamous Proclarity decomposition tree control? Take a look at it in action here:
In fact, a lot of the MS Ad Center links in the blog above seem to suggest that AS2005 is being used quite heavily…