Project REAL

The Project REAL (a reference implementation of the full SQL2005 BI stack) website is now up:

Nothing much there yet, but definitely worth bookmarking. I heard at PASS Europe that there are some interesting white papers on the way which will be posted there. I also notice that Technet have created a SQL Server TechCenter, which brings together all the SQL Server content on Technet:

Design a BI app and win $50000!

Just spotted the Connected Systems Developer Competition:
…and the fact that one of the categories is ‘Best Application using the Business Intelligence Features of SQL Server 2005 (Reporting Services, Integration Services, Analysis Services)’. If I had the time I’d enter – I bet you could come up with something really cool using all the new functionality we’ve got, especially data mining.

Some of the ‘judging considerations’ are a bit funny: for ‘Creativity/Innovation’ there are 5 points to be awarded for ‘Head Slapper’ (bald men around the world, beware), and another 5 for ‘Solves an Illusive Problem’ (I presume that they meant Elusive, not Illusive, unless they want us to solve problems that don’t actually exist).


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